Caraga State University

Cabadbaran City Campus


Cabadbaran City Campus

Student Admission

     No student shall be denied admission to the University by reason of race, age, sex, socio-economic status, religious belief, provided, that the State College may allocate admissions to foreign students, subject to existing laws and regulations, and after all qualified Filipino applicants shall have been admitted.

     Graduates of high schools duly recognized by the government may be admitted as freshmen into the University on the following bases:

  1. Their performance in the College Entrance Test;
  2. Their weighted average in senior high school;
  3. Their performance in the interview conducted by the College concerned; and
  4. Their compliance of other requirements prescribed by the State College.

     Students from recognized institutions of higher learning may be admitted on probation basis, until such time when they have validated or repeated all subjects taken outside the University which are required to their course, provided that they satisfy the entrance examination and interview requirements. Students from Accredited SUCs may not validate the subjects they have taken from that SUC.

     Former students who have attended another institution before attending the University shall be required to qualify on the same basis as new transfer students.

     An applicant who has already earned a baccalaureate degree from another State College or University may be admitted without the necessity of qualifying in the College Entrance Test; provided, that he meets all the other requirements prescribed by the College concerned.


     Every student shall; upon admission, sign the following pledge: “In consideration of my admission to the Caraga State University and of the privileges of my admission as a student in Caraga State University, I hereby promise and pledge to abide by and comply with all the rules and regulations laid down by competent authorities of the University and of the College of which I am enrolled”.

Government Employees

     Government employees seeking admission as student in the State College shall be required to submit the following:

     Permit to study signed by his agency head or the duly authorized representative, and original copy of Transcript of Records.