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Search for CSUCC Chancellor Featured Photo

Search for the next CSUCC Chancellor commences

Four candidates for the next CSUCC chancellor presented their vision and plans for the University at the CSUCC gymnasium on May 4, 2023.

These four candidates namely; Dr. Flordeliza G. Alburo, Dr. Deomila A. Basnig, Dr. Nathalie L. Daminar, and Dr. Erlin Rodas impressed the audience by showing-off their wit, leadership and communication skills, and the best possible ways to impose the LIKHA Agenda of the CSU President, Dr. Rolyn Daguil in a 10-minute speech.

The program was attended by the search committee headed by their Chairperson, Dr. Milabel Enriques Ho, and the members of the committee; Dr. George M. Colorado, Atty. Oliver C. Bulang, Atty. Dianah Jee Saspa-Canumay, Ms. Stephanie L. Condes, Prof. Jaymer Jayoma, and Mr. Elimelech Mendoza V.

“CSUCC Spirit: Committed to Serve Unyielding to Challenges and Constraints” was Dr. Alburo’s opening spiel.

Dr. Basnig’s mission is Reinventing CSUCC, transforming it into a digital, innovative, and entrepreneurial university.

“I wish to uphold with my torch in expanding knowledge and formulation solutions for various disciplines” was one of Dr. Daminar’s best lines in her presentation.

Dr. Rodas’ creative thinking, her ability to anticipate and respond to changing market conditions, and also her capacity to inspire the team for achieving the enhancement of academic programs, production of graduates with competencies and skills for the 21st century, and strengthen research and innovation for the development of Caraga Region and beyond.

As the program ended, the aforementioned lines struck the minds of the spectators and were able to think twice on who will their bets be for the next CSUCC Chancellor.

 : Niño Ludy Aca-ac

 :Earl Joshua P. Jandayan, Richard Empeño, John Rio Nayve, Wendcel Granada, Asther Joshua Astrera